Wells Fargo Asset Management (WFAM) brings together a strategic balance of investment capabilities to serve the investment needs of our clients worldwide: institutions, financial advisors, and individuals. Wells Capital Management is a registered investment advisor and a dedicated institutional asset manager within the WFAM umbrella. Our mission is to deliver superior investment service to our institutional clients globally.

We are committed to three principles:

Long-term relationships with clients are achieved by anticipating client needs and exceeding client expectations. We:

  • Listen, inform, and analyze
  • Customize solutions as appropriate
  • Are consultative to meet clients' evolving needs
Each of our autonomous investment teams have a time-tested investment process and philosophy with a proven track record. They:

  • Preserve agility and focus
  • Consistently produce sustainable alpha
  • Exercise independent thought
We believe our skillful, autonomous investment teams are successful with the support of independent risk management, which:

  • Provides a consistent, unbiased framework for evaluating risk in each strategy
  • Facilitates a detailed understanding of portfolio risk
  • Impels portfolio managers to deliver the consistent risk-adjusted alpha our clients expect


We achieve excellence through:

Entrepreneurial culture and innovation: We encourage a culture of empowerment that attracts and motivates successful investment professionals. Our autonomous model promotes best-in-class investment management teams and preserves independent thinking.

Talented investment teams: We have focused and autonomous investment teams with incisive decision-making and strong risk controls that produce consistent and sustainable alpha.

Client-centric focus: Experienced investment and client relations professionals focus on a client-centric approach of delivering superior investment service.

Integrity: Long-term relationships are founded upon trust. WellsCap has a strong reputation for doing business with integrity. We are proud of our reputation and we are committed to maintaining it.

Rich history: Our highly respected parent company has a long legacy and global capabilities.


We have worldwide offices to support our clients:

Global Offices Map
WellsCap offices
Boston, MA
Charlotte, NC
Menomonee Falls, WI
San Francisco & Los Angeles, CA
Hong Kong

Additional investment team locations
Newport Beach & Walnut Creek, CA
Chicago, IL
Indianapolis, IN
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY
Lake Oswego, OR
Richmond, VA

We have a diverse client and asset base in excess of $389 billion:

Breakdown by sector AUM($B)
U.S. equity 63
Non-U.S. equity 28
U.S. fixed income1 99
Non-U.S. fixed income1 8
Short duration2 66
Money market 106
Multi-Asset solutions 11
Total 382
Breakdown by account type AUM ($B) Assets (%)
Separate accounts 150 39
Sub-advised external funds 27 7
Sub-advised Wells Fargo affiliated funds 205 54
Total 382 100

As of March 31, 2018 - Diversified client and asset base in excess of $382B.

1. Includes accounts with durations over 1-5 year benchmarks.
2. Includes accounts with durations up to 1-5 year benchmarks, excluding Money Market Funds.

For more information on Wells Capital Management, please view our Firm Overview.

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