Subadvisory and Fund Sponsors

Wells Capital Management (WellsCap) understands the unique needs of a subadvisory partnership. We currently provide subadvisory services for more than 220 different investment strategies worldwide.

  • We offer clients a broad range of investment solutions across all major asset classes and provide highly customized solutions.
  • Each of our autonomous investment teams has a time-tested investment process and philosophy with a proven track record.
  • WellsCap has extensive experience serving as subadvisor to the Wells Fargo Advantage Funds® family and other nonaffiliated fund families around the world. Our clients have access to a wide array of our investment expertise and global resources to support subadvisory/private label relationships.

Specialized services for subadvisory clients and fund sponsors:

  • Global resources and insights to develop innovative long-term strategies
  • Dedicated new business development and client relationship professionals who understand the fiduciary, operational, and legal/compliance responsibilities of fund sponsors
  • Advanced reporting customized to each client's need
  • Access to timely and accurate information and necessary marketing materials to benefit our partnership

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