Emerging Market Local Currency Bond

The Emerging Market Local Currency Bond strategy is managed by WFAM Global Fixed Income (WGFI). WGFI believes that value-driven approaches are the prime source of attractive, risk-adjusted returns. Great investing, however, also requires placing as much effort on portfolio construction as on value identification; managing risk for multiple risk environments; and balancing repeatable, quantitative approaches with investor judgment.

The Emerging Market Local Currency Bond strategy aims to capitalize on the increased opportunity from this asset class, seeking to exceed the return of the J.P. Morgan GBI Emerging Markets Global Diversified Composite Index. WGFI invests in all types of emerging markets debt in order to add value but concentrates on higher-quality local currency sovereign debt that offers strong fundamentals and compelling valuation arguments. The investment team uses proprietary investment technology, experienced investment professionals, and active management within a structured process. The investment team actively manages currency as a separate asset class to mitigate risk and enhance returns.

Strategy details

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